sabato 30 agosto 2014


Deak Harp has been playing harmonica since he was 12 years old. His biggest early inspiration came when his brother introduced him to the music of James Cotton.Deak followed Cotton's band along the east coast for close to five years before Cotton offered Deak a job driving his van. For the next six years, Deak toured with the James Cotton blues band, eventually opening acts and playing along with "Superharp" himself.Deak has since played with multiple bands and has shown his flexibility as a musician in the varying styles of his performances. From the classic blues standards, to Chicago blues, all the way to Mississippi Hill Country blues, Deak's repertoire continues to grow. Deak has spent time with the Deak Harp Band in its various forms throughout the years, the Kilborn Alley Blues Band (including a tour of London), and has played in states across the country.Deak has traveled in recent years with Big City Rhythm and Blues magazine, performing his innovative one-man show at festivals and events, including the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise in the Caribbean and the 2013 SPAH convention, where Deak played in front of hundreds of fellow harmonica players and was given a standing ovation by his audience.Deak gets his unique sound by playing an amplified harmonica while simultaneously playing electric guitar or diddley bow, keeping rhythm with a snare drum and a stomp box, and singing his own vocals. DEAK HARP

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